Dexter is one of the main characters in the machinima series "Brains and Brawn" Dexter is the brains, while Deryck is the brawn.

Dexter is a very smart scientist, doctor, biologist, and has been trained in combat. He has 21 PHDs (Somehow). He wields a Halo CE pistol and the Needler, a weapon he created.

History Edit

UW1 Edit

He was first hired as a war medic, able to patch up any type of injury, but seeing his skills and cunning, his staff sergeant put him up as a spy, he was captured by UNI on one of his missions, hypnotized and turned to a double agent, he later overheard the Captain speaking to Deryck about spying on UNI, he left immediately to report it. Once the UNI Leader knew of this, he had no use left for Dexter, and had him launched out to space, where Deryck will eventually find him.

Role In The Plot Edit

Season 1 Edit

Dexter is one of the 2 main ONSC soldiers in Brains and Brawn, The other being Deryck. In season 1, Dexter is at first a spy for UNI.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time Edit

In episode 1 he reports that Deryck and Captain are coming, thus, UNI Leader, Being the stupid bastard he is, sends him off into space and erases his memories in case he survives thinking that he was done with him.


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