General Rok is a supporting antagonist/Protagonist/Main antagonist/protagonist in the machinima series "Brains and Brawn"

History Edit

General Rok

UW1 Edit

General Rok originally served the ONSC, Where he was assigned a post near Blood Gulch with Deryck, Captain, and UNI Leader, he became friends with UNI Leader and once Deryck and UNI Leader's rivalry was pushed beyond the limits, Rok was transferred to an unknown base where he obtained his new armour and helmet, a Railgun, and a SPNKr Rocket Launcher. He returned to tell UNI Leader about UNI. After they were appointed into UNI, Rok and UNI Leader begin to seek out and kill Deryck and Captain, resulting in a battle, Captain brings down the base using his favourite weapon. The Exclusive Grav Hammer Derby 2012 Gravity Hammer, UNI Leader is left for death and Rok escaping moments before.

Rising up UNI's Ranks Edit

Rok proved to be a very formidable UNI Soldier. Once Rok found out that UNI Leader was alive, he dedicated his life to him because he felt he deserves it after abandoning him. Rok began to rise up the ranks, and eventually, once UNI Leader became UNI's official leader, he appointed Rok to the highest soldier level in UNI. And General Rok was born.

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