"you wonder why it was you of all people that got captured? I sent that distress beacon, I was going to kill you for all the things you did to me! You are a horrible Brother, a horrible teammate! A horrible son! You killed our parents with this weapon, and I am going to make sure it takes your life too! It’s the whole reason I joined UNI!" - Servant taking a final stand against Dexter in Intergalactic war part 2

Jacob Ricopulsky (The servant) is a supporting antagonist in season 1 of Brains and Brawn

Role in the Plot Edit

Season 1 Edit

The servant was a happy go lucky antagonist, or at least that's what they thought. The servant joined UNI only to get revenge on his older step-brother, Dexter, for abusing him and killing their parents for various reasons. He joined UNI and made sure to hack into the systems of the G.O.C.H 2.0 and made sure that Dexter would be the one UNI Leader would capture, for an extra precaution, he sent a distress beacon to the planet that UNI was currently on. All while still hiding behind the happy go lucky identity he used. He wanted Dexter to be dead, so when Rok threw him out into space, the servant made sure to get Dexter back there, but was foiled by Deryck and Dexter's "Armour Switch" Trick. He had another chance to kill Dexter after they had thrown UNI Leader off the cliff, he didn't kill Dexter because it would have blown his cover as a servant to UNI Leader. His final chance to kill Dexter was when he was defending an UNI pelican when he believed that he would be able to kill Dexter and get away with it, unfortunately for him, Dexter shot first and killed him with the Old Pistol.