The UNI Leader is the main antagonist of the first 4 seasons of Brains and Brawn. He leads the secret organization UNI. And has a backstory with a few of the characters in the series

History Edit

UNI Leader

UW1 Edit

UNI Leader joined the ONSC and was stationed at an outpost near Blood Gulch. Where he met three other soldiers, Rok, Deryck, and Captain was the staff sergeant. Eventually he became friends with Rok, while beginning a rivalry with Deryck. Once they pushed their rivalry past it's limits, Rok was transferred to a different outpost. Which he abandoned. Once Deryck was transferred into Blood Gulch, Rok returned, telling him about UNI. They decide to join UNI. They knock out Captain to cover their tracks. After they were appointed into UNI, Rok and UNI Leader begin to seek out and kill Deryck and Captain, resulting in a battle, Captain brings down the base using his favorite weapon. The Exclusive Grav Hammer Derby 2012 Gravity Hammer, UNI Leader is left for death and Rok escaping moments before.

Rising Up UNI's Ranks Edit

UNI Leader proved to be a very formidable UNI Soldier. Once Rok found out that UNI Leader was alive, he dedicated his life to him because he felt he deserves it after abandoning him. UNI Leader began to rise up the ranks, and eventually became known as the UNI Leader. He hypnotizes a ONSC Spy named Dexter and gains lots of intel from him. Once he has no use for him, he sends Dexter off into space and erases his memory.

Role in The Plot Edit

Season 1 Edit

UNI Leader takes the main antagonist role, Attempting to kill the main characters on multipile occasions, but failing most times. The only time he does succeed is when he shoots down Deryck and Captain's pelican, Killing Captain. He confronts Captain and Deryck just outside his base, and in turn is shot with a shotgun, and teabagged by Captain. They escape on a pelican that is shot down by UNI Leader conveinently placed Rocket Launcher, killing Captain in the crash that eventfully leads to Deryck meeting Dexter.

Trivia Edit

  • UNI Leader's real name is Fredrick Patsdownmycock
  • UNI Leader claims that he was the child that fell into Harambe's enclosure, he claims Harambe saved him before being shot by cookie monster
  • UNI Leader always has a servant throughout the series
  • UNI Leader has a backstory with many main characters, including: Rok, Deryck, and Captain.
  • Whenever UNI Leader is in trouble, there is always a conveniently placed rocket launcher to help him gain advantage.
  • He, as well as Deryck, crash a lot of pelicans
  • He and Rok once went back in time to save Harambe.